A new day

I’m not sure I want to always be looking for new titles. I just want to write when the mood hits me. It doesn’t always. And little the past year or so. I took a break from the venture in favor of a labor of love.

Don’t be surprised if you see a number of “A New Day”.

Anyway since I didn’t stick with this venture very well I went to look back on the oldest blogs. Maybe I should delete them. The ones in 2015 actually had some decent information in them. I kept the info there after all.

I didn’t reread my whole blog and probably won’t. Hopefully something there will catch the attention of a new reader and get them thinking how one small thing here could help them out or affect their thinking to change their lives for the better.

Then all of this will have been worth it whether I’ve made money at it or not.

I will have helped at least one or more of God’s Kids even if just in a small way. That small baby step building stone could lead to who knows where?

Good day all!


And she’s back

I’m back again. This is a hodgepodge post. A little of this. A little of that. I even skip around and don’t seem to care. Keeps you on your toes. lol Its how my mind thinks. Its circular.

If this is your first visit the blog is a bit about personality and what makes me which doesn’t really say much because I’m not a psych major nor am I a life coach or anything in between. Just a woman who later in life wondered what made me as I am and why didn’t life go as I’d have hoped. I explored a bit of neuroscience, law of attraction, the idea of science and quantum physics – ah now that one totally made me wonder. Is this life just one of many? How does time really work?

I wanted to start a small business and started looking into it. There’s a lot to sustaining a small business. Most people don’t succeed at it. I got an offer to make money in a different direction – a labor of love vs making a lot of money – and I took it and veered away from this adventure in exploration.

But maybe it’s time to come back.

This blog is personal with a touch business.  I had a few followers at one point but life took a turn and I didn’t stick to it. I don’t appear to have the whatever – nerve, sticktoitiveness – what? to become a different more fun, peaceful, effective, affluent, successful person this lifetime around. Ah I wish I did.

Wish I knew why not. Actually I do know part of why. Anybody here believe in genetics? That this isn’t our first go around and we have deeply buried wounds that come back to bite us? Funny that. We as humans remember negativity first instead of positive. Yup, I’d say guilty of charged in my case.

But time to get back to writing. Will anyone read it? Maybe. Maybe not. But sometimes as I write ideas come to me and suddenly it’s OMG! Seriously??? Is that why I do this or don’t do that? Could this really be? So its good for me. Maybe someone will read it and it will be good for them too.

Anyway its now 2019. Nope, I didn’t make those exciting changes in my life. So Law of Attraction doesn’t necessarily work for everyone as anticipated.

I have been divorced for years and while I dated have not found a Mr. Right for Me. Why not? Other friends who found themselves alone have found others. Why not me?

Seriously, what is so different about me?

I know a lot of what’s different about me. Much is from my genes, from my past before this life and from my recent past. My subconscious holds memories that are bleeding through because I’m told I’m actually psychic but don’t use the ability. Psychic? Me??

But this lifetime I’m struggling with love. Don’t most of us? Some people find it easy to love and be loved in return. I don’t so much…

I’m on dating sites. Interesting places. I’ve actually met a few men from there. None were keepers. Oh the stories you will hear. Yet obviously there are regular guys on there just looking for Ms. Right.

I got bit early by a guy wanting money. I learned not to trust – ok, ok so I don’t easily trust – read more blogs or ask for my ebook which includes some exploration of philosophy without school training and some dream work and neuroscience ideas and you’ll see I don’t easily trust – so I’m not as gullible. But one of my friends was. Oh wow, the stories she told me!

As for business…

I did research. I wrote. I learned more about me. But seemed everything I checked into that I thought I could actually DO knowledge would come before me and I’d hold off. This lifetime I decided to forego being a leader and responsible for other peoples actions and am an introvert vs an extrovert who dominate more of society than my introvert persona does. I don’t need a lot of people contact. I don’t feel the need to constantly be on social media, even Facebook. I don’t take many actions of my own.

So now what?

Sales is often where the money is. Many salespeople are people persons and such charming people at that.  So ok, sell online instead of in person you may say. Ah easier said than done.

So what do I sell? A product? A concept? What? To who? How?

I tried telemarketing recently. No face to face people contact but a sales forum nonetheless. Ask me how you think I did…

So here you’ve got this woman determined (or so I say, but obviously not determined enough) to make changes this lifetime.

Want to know biggest change I’m supposed to make?

After clearing my mind and listening to that still small voice inside I heard –

  • Write my story
  • Help Gods Kids

Fine, I wrote a story. Actually it was an exercise in self learning that maybe that’s all it was meant for. It was a doozy of a story. I learned a lot about ‘me’.

How do I use that story to help God’s Kids? Bear in mind I don’t necessarily believe in God as most people do. Do I believe there is a creative force? Absolutely. Do I believe in the sometimes hard hearted God of the Bible? I believe there is a part of that whole creative force that is extremely tough. Just as a believe there is a part of that whole creative force that is the most loving, peaceful, giving, sweet, patient persona. And conscious. And capable of being anywhere, anytime. That’s the part I wish to associate with now. Prior lifetimes? Nope. This one, yes. But humanity’s story is so huge there are times what we think we so badly want doesn’t happen and we wonder why not and blame it on that force.

Count me in on that. Oh surely count me in. I blamed ‘God’ for many things for a long time (more than this lifetime) and used those negative emotions to do … well, let’s not go there now.

So again I ask, how do I satisfy both writing and helping God’s Kids? Gotta tell you, if any of my newly discovered ideas are to be believed I sure as heck hadn’t been willing to help God and His Kids out in a longggg time.

As an aside, I so enjoy the new show God Friended Me.

So back to the dating site thing.  So its winter and this vicious cold bug is going around. It bites me hard. Little nose blowing. Oh no, can’t be that easy. Post nasal drip. Nasty stuff. So cough I must to bring it up. I am thankful it doesn’t get into my lungs, but I’ve coughed enough my stomach muscles tighter. But heck, just a cold? Nooo…let’s make this more interesting. Let’s have her sinuses and ears get infected. Can’t smell. Can’t taste. Can’t hear. Great. Ah c’mon that’s still not enough. Her grandson gets the intestinal virus and passes it on to mommy and daddy and ultimately Gramma. So along with issues with penicillin let’s give her the virus.

Gimme a break!

But I wake up this morning and for some reason I think of the dating site and I think you know what I’d want out of a guy? We’re supposed to tell what we are looking for.

Someone just to be there. To sympathize that I feel like crap. To run out for more probiotics I really need but can’t drive to get. To just be there. And when I feel better just smile as he leans in for a kiss and says ‘welcome back my love’.

Just to be there. How simple is that? And yet, many are so involved in living such busy lives they aren’t there for those they love. Was that me? No doubt. Is that why this lifetime I live a more laid back life? And that didn’t work so well either?

Finding a successful balance in life and business is tricky!

So tell me, do you think I will find a good man willing to love an imperfect woman who even in middle years can’t seem to quite find her way?

And biz once more…

How do I start this small business and help others too when I can’t seem to help myself?

I didn’t have a great success at telemarketing. Could I have tried harder? Sure, we can always learn better. But the person I was working for was not a very willing mentor.

How about real estate investing? I wholesaled a property. Sadly with a realtor who I found to not be very ethical.

How about demonstrating a product? Done that. Maybe I should go back.

What about my writing? Still open for debate how.

Network marketing? That’s a tough one for me. Statistics of people getting involved, spending their money to make more for their upline and then quitting are high. Do I convince friends and family to join knowing full well their chance of success is slim? Maybe 1% of people make the riches. Ok, somebody has to be part of that 1% but I doubt it will be me. But they sometimes have unique products I like. For instance a HGH gel I know of.

Crowdfunding? Hmmm…there’s a program I heard of recently. Not Go Fund Me or Kickstart. I’m going to have to look more into it and get back to you on it.

So this was a hodgepodge post. That’s mainly what my posts will be. A bit of why are we as we are from the perspective of an average woman exploring alternatives.

What drives us? What do we really want? Can we change? Do I really want to? How?

Small business. I’m not able to do this on my own. I will need followers with different ideas. I tried to find a young man who may have been interested. Different sex viewpoint. Different age viewpoint.

But alas, couldn’t find him either.

I really need help. Help! So I can share it on…SharOn.





Ah well

I think my blog will become as my ebook. The ebook evolved and evolved and suddenly I realized I wrote ‘my story’. I learned so much.

But is it really for the world to see? Perhaps not.

So maybe my blog is not to be either.

Who knows?

In my mind, though, I hear I’m supposed to be more of a leader this lifetime. I’ve been one. An excellent one. A vicious one. As a leader I took responsibility. And took…and took…

This time I’m supposed to be lead and help others instead of just myself. How do I do something so further from my prior experience as you can get?

Sure. I can do that. Easy. And I have this bridge to sell you. If I have prior helpful to others lifetime experience its not bleeding through as strongly as the win at all costs persona who overran entire worlds in my quest for riches and power…for me.

So seriously? From the woman who if you read her ebook would tell you did not wish to be responsible for much of anything this lifetime around while I learned more positive emotions?

So who knows?


Delete or not to delete. That is the question…

Whether tis nobler…

Oh sorry, wrong quote. lol

I’ve come back to my blog. Took me long enough, didn’t it??? Should I delete old posts? I decided to keep them. Some day someone may want to read them all.

Who out there is on a spiritual quest to figure themselves out? I was on a long one. That could be because I’m well, you don’t have to know exactly how old. Let’s say ‘middle age’ and leave it at that. Once you hit middle age it appears many of us start wondering more. Who knows. Maybe it’s because children are grown and we have time to do such things.

Anyway, oh the stories my mind came up with while I would meditate, or shut down my mind and just write.

I have an ebook written about it relating stories and some business tidbits.

It’s still Snippets, Tidbits and Food for thought but if you read some of my prior posts and think I went rather far down the rabbit hole you should read the new ebook.

For many on a quest to learn about themselves it may seem rather ordinary, but for people just starting the quest there are ideas in there they may never have heard of. There are few details. I warn readers upfront. There’s only so much you can put in an ebook which is in general 22,000 words or so if you want to highlight a number of things.

I then tell them go to experts OR there’s a good chance I will affiliate market some of who I think rate higher on the Sharon Explores scale and have a link to my own sites. After all, the basis of the whole idea to start a business of my own and write was – business! How do I become an entrepreneur? Learning about my strengths and weaknesses showed me I would not be a great entrepreneur without partners of some type. 

I’d love to put it here. Truth to tell, I’m not that good at blogging yet. I don’t know how to put a link here to include the ebook. I’m sure its here and probably easy, but I haven’t figured it out just yet.

Can I learn more? Of course I can. Keep tuned. I’ll let you know how it works for me. Just how to keep tuned is up for debate right now. Do I blog, email, videos, Facebook, or most likely another free ebook with links included to sites where you can see what I’ve learned and what I will market to carve out my enterprise?

The case guinea pig is ready to squeal. lol




Did you ever have one of those days?

Well, maybe weeks, months, years…Things just don’t seem to be going right.

I’ve had my share.

But (laugh, it’s funny as heck) this phrase went through my mind as I woke up one day. “The Worm Turned”. I must have heard that in a movie one time. I took it then as someone who until that acted rather behind the scenes and followed the leader and took little initiative and didn’t cause waves – suddenly acquired balls (er, nerve, bravery, whatever) and stood up for himself. I plan on life going different from here on because I want it to and I’m going to create it as such. Even if my family does not think I have it in me.

What a reason to make changes and become a success – just to show my family who doesn’t think I can – that I CAN!!! I THINK I CAN…I THINK I CAN…

I’m the Worm. And its really funny. When I’m thinking thoughts not necessarily in my best interest that any other day would bother me, I say “The Worm Turned” and weird as it may sound I relax. My body relaxes and my mind relaxes and I’m able to stop the thoughts if I so desire.

Who wants to be known as a “Worm”??????? And I don’t seem to care…yet. Somebody will say something one day and I’ll go ‘ewwwww’…and they will ruin it – but not today. 🙂

That’s just plain strange. But seriously, I guess whatever works – works. Something as simple as an off the wall thought of three words may be a motivational tool for you also. Find your passion, your motivation and then GO DO!

I’ve reached the point of no return. The business will soon enough be underway. To that end I’ve started a new blog. In the grand scheme of things I have to focus on it if I want it to survive. Chances are slim. But I’m going to try anyway. On average 8 out of every 10 small businesses started do not survive. I’m not trying to be negative and stop anyone from trying. I’m just reporting statistics and let the newbie wannabe entrepreneur know what he’s up against. That’s all.

This blog is going to stay Sharon Explores. It will be a HODGEPODGE because I like so many different things. I’m not passionate about just one thing (well, only insofar as I want to pass on info in the hopes the right person comes across information pertinent to their present situation and I’m able to help in some way) but curious about all sorts of things.

You will never know what may be here because I have no strict plans for this site any more. The Dani Story blog on the other hand will be geared specific to business.





To My Followers & An AHA Moment – Again

Dear Followers – few though there may be at this particular moment 🙂

To date I have not used SEO using key words. I use what words come to mind. So chances are I’m way, way, way low man – er woman – on the totem pole of searches. I’m ok with that – for now. I was in startup research phase of what I really felt would be a successful venture for myself and while I started the blog I didn’t have complete faith I was on the best path for the type of person I am. If the people I love have such little faith in me, its hard to have total faith in myself. Yet faith can move proverbial mountains.

I love to learn. I love to pass on what I learn. Do? Whole different ball game.

I finally figured out why I don’t have total faith. Its a very common human trait. We fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of love being taken away. I KNEW this, but it was reinforced how wide spread it was by watching a Tony Robbins seminar.

Because you failed to live up to the expectations of others and you ‘failed’. Yup, I totally believe in my soul’s path through life I’ve made less than stellar decisions and others paid for my ‘mistakes’. So fear of making those mistakes again keeps many of us on a straight and narrow path not really exploring all that life has to offer. And here I thought I was a little more unique. I guess not, huh?

Now me? I believe in the eternal life of the soul so mine goes way back.

UPDATE: I decided to update here and make changes instead of a new post. If you’ve read prior posts you know my family dynamics are less than perfect. So today was a AHA DAY!

How could I be so oblivious???? Don’t answer that. lol These things happen to the best of us. My daughter tells me – she’s competitive like her father. I knew that, but it was A HUGE AHA MOMENT NONETHELESS!

So that’s the bottom reason really for my divorce. I could never really pinpoint it. He wouldn’t actually say, but when it came down to it he moved out. It took me years for me to get the stress back under control; to stop hyperventilating at the drop of a hat. Years!

He changed when he got into management at his job. And she thinks like he started to…different from when we first met. I didn’t know THEN what I know NOW…

(Does that sound familiar? In case you can’t tell do a degree I pull personal experience into the background thoughts of starting a small business of your own. Do you want to know a major reason small businesses fail? The entrepreneur didn’t know what he/she didn’t know.)

While I knew that, it just hit me how much that DEFINES WHO SHE IS VS WHO I AM! She is more a ‘doer’. She feels she is lucky and the world is her oyster. Good job. Pays much better than any job I ever had. Loving husband. One year old baby who is a dollbaby. I sold her the house I got in the divorce and made upgrades that ultimately contributed to my own financial downfall when the market crashed.

But Mom, what did you do? How did you get so far in debt? Oh things like being a single mom, not wanting to sell my home (she would have she says) maintenance, utilities, taxes, food – things like that. Yes, I as well as many other people, I used the equity in my home to live a less restricted lifestyle and I used credit cards.

And I AM A VISIONARY DREAMER…which annoys the heck out of my daughters I might add. They don’t get it. Don’t dream of what you can do they say. Don’t talk to us about working online. Don’t talk with us about investing. Don’t talk with us about networking.  Don’t try to be an entrepreneur. Don’t try…get a full time job. Well, guess what? At my age, that’s not going to happen.

HER TYPE AND MY TYPE DON’T MESH WELL! (You will find that in the workplace, too.) That goes ditto for my oldest and while my third daughter is more like me, she too decided DON’T DREAM and TRY TO DISCUSS IT WITH ME, MOM!


It took me long enough to explore enough expert authors, spiritualists, PhD’s, whatever and whoever contributed to my learning curve to finally come to that unassailable conclusion. I AM WHO I AM and some things I don’t want to change!!!

I want to explore more of what life has to offer this lifetime around and be who I really AM, foibles and all instead of trying so hard to be who others want me to be! To fit that stereotype of the family I was born into then the family I later gave birth to.

Will I continue to make mistakes? No doubt.

Will I sometimes offer my opinion and find that others totally disagree? No doubt.

But I’ve warned everyone this is just my opinion. And I’m not sticking to it. Tomorrow may bring before me something new and I change my mind. Uh oh, that’s a no no in many circles. It just causes confusion. Pick your poison (passion) and stick to it!

That’s not such a bad suggestion when it comes to your business. Stick to something and learn what you can – THEN move on. Otherwise confusion will set in, lack of initiative may start dogging your heels then possible shutting your doors.

I want my proverbial doors to stay open, thank you.

I will not sell myself as an expert. While I’ve heard that numerous times – become an expert – many people don’t especially love trying to follow experts they can’t always understand. I will leave that to others. I can, however, if I believe they may have good information to impart for those with different opinions than my own, affiliate for them.

Because I’ve made that decision to affiliate market and finally start my ‘mini business’- really did darn well take long enough!!! – so I’ve made changes to my blog and started a new one.

For those of you who get emails I want to say thanks for sticking with me because you’ve gotten a lot saying she has made changes! What’s with this woman anyway? Can’t she make up her mind? Well sure I can – but am perfectly willing to change it if information comes along that makes sense to me. Then I pass it along.

Thank you beginning followers! You are much appreciated!